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Our Thoughts About Scenario A

CHS Expansion and Modernization

"CHS upgrade/expansion. The high school is in desperate need of space to accommodate all the students and staff serving those students."


"Security needs to be a priority at all schools in the district. Redesigning entrances, classroom locks, and exits all need to be taken into consideration."

Long Term Planning

"Building for the future. As a district decisions need to be made to accomidate the future, not just band aid the current problems. Scenario A, though a couple million more expensive, would give the district opportunity for more growth in the future, but also provide what students need now."

Support Scenario A

"I think we should try to make Scenario A a reality. We are growing and need to continue to update, modernize, and increase the size of our facilities to accommodate the best learning environments for our students."

Support Full Auditorium

"Build the 700 seat auditorium at CHS. Music and drama are important for developing broadly - and deeply - educated citizens, whether they perform in or watch the shows (or both). A larger auditorium could serve the rest of the District (e.g. band concerts, school talent shows), as well as the community."