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Thoughts about growth & facilities

High School

New facilities are needed. The growth is not going to stop. The renovation of the existing high school won't expand the school enough to account for the projected growth. An additional high school is needed. Expand Cheney High School, but not just classrooms. I think it is cost effective to add classrooms to Cheney High School but the school also needs a commons area, more gym space, and an actual auditorium. The high schools in Spokane were renovated completely. Our kids deserve to have access to good facilities too.


In regards to growth and facilities, the Cheney School District needs to look at a long-term plan to address the increase in student enrollment and overcrowding within the district. This is, or will be an issue at all elementary, middle, and high schools within the coming years. It is not specific to the High School.

Facilities Planning

Better explain how the proposed construction will help long term. Don't put out your wish list of changes & expect taxpayers to blindly sign off on the costs. Prove that you're proposing an economical solution that will absorb the projected increase in students for the next 10+ years. Don't give us an expensive bandaid & then come back in 5 years to ask for more.

Elementary Schools

I'm concerned about the lack of space in the elementary schools. I want my children to be a part of their home school on a daily basis. I'm not ok with my child being bussed to another school due to lack of space or being in a portable and feeling isolated from the school community inside the main building.