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Top thoughts that our community is concerned about

Overcrowding and enrollment

"Our schools are crowded. I am concerned with the number of students in each of our schools. As a parent and staff member I have loved that we have been committed to keep our schools small enough to maintain a neighborhood/community feeling. I believe that we have been able to do this with the exception of the high school."

Facilities to accommodate growth

"Our district has grown rapidly and we are outgrowing our buildings. It is important that we are able to provide safe environments for children."

Testing vs. learning

"The amount of testing required of students. It seems like there is so much time (and focus) spent on testing, and learning time is infringed upon."

Staffing considerations

"I am concerned about our district's sub and teacher shortage. My daughter still does not have a permanent LA teacher at CMS and our school has yet to hire a librarian and WL teacher. I also worry about the quality of sub I will get to teach my class if I have to be gone. It seems that the smaller the sub pool, the less chance I have of getting a good sub."

Student behavior and discipline

"Addressing behavioral issues in the classroom.Staff need more support in knowing what to do to address behavioral issues in the classroom."