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Our Thoughts About Scenario B

Need More for CHS

"This plan feels more short term for the high school. I have a feeling that within a couple years the high school will again be overcrowded again and we will have to be starting all over again."

Band-aid Solution

"Scenario B is not enough. With our district growing at such a rapid speed, I don't think this is an aggressive enough plan for the future. This will only be a temporary fix that will ensure more money shortly down the road to expand further."

CHS Expansion and Modernization

"If we don't do a full expansion of CHS we will continue to be faced with growth issues and lack of space."

Windsor Cafe/Auxiliary Gym

"Adding a gym, cafeteria, and event space at Windsor is a good idea. If you add space to Windsor and Sunset, they need another gym space. A school needs more than classrooms. Most elementary schools have a cafeteria, but Windsor and Sunset don't. Adding this space is important to make there is enough room for PE and other school programs, as well as lunch."

Cost, Funding, Taxes

"Short-term fixes with high cost. I don't know why we would settle for renovations that seem designed to be stop-gap measures, when they are close to the same price tag, relatively speaking ($49.5 million vs. $55 million)"