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Additional thoughts that appeal to our community

Funding and resources

"School Bond - We were disappointed that the school bond was voted down twice. It spotlights the need to better inform the voters of the importance of good quality schools with adequate facilities. It would be great to demonstrate the connection between good schools and home values or something else relatable."

Quality teachers and staff

"As a staff member I would like to have time to work on what I teach. I believe too much emphasis is placed on general teaching practices that don't apply to what I do."

Parent and community involvement

"About school or district this year - I would like to thank the school and district in regards to this survey and asking for input, as some parents aren't able to meet the standard after school is out, as myself and husband work until 5pm so including input even if thru email is helpful and allows parents like us to be heard. Thank you."

Facilities to accommodate growth

"High School - We need to build a new one and redo the old one."

School environment

"School spirit - Having been to both football and volleyball matches this year the students seem to have a lot of school spirit and take pride in their school."