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Public Engagement

"How do we get voters more confident in passing this bond? Two unsuccessful bonds over the last couple of years is very concerning and depressing to say the least. What will be done differently this time around to help educate voters on the necessity of getting this bond approved?"

Need a New High School

"Is there no possibility of adding another high school? I am assuming that since adding a new high school building was not presented, that this is not an option at the moment. The current high school is such a far distance for some of the west plains and Eagle Ridge families. It would be nice to have something closer to that part of the district."

Alternative Plan

"Future West Plains High School. Do you have plans for future expansion in the West Plains? Land for a future High School would be good before there is no land available."

Cost, Funding, Taxes

"Funding. How are these proposed improvements going to be funded. With current funds, new bonds/levies, etc. Will the increased tax money from the population growth cover the costs or will the tax payers have to pay more?"

Focus on Student Experience

"Bring back shop - remove exercise equipment. Do we really need to provide a "commercial gym" experience instead of offering students a tactile learning opportunity?"