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Thank you for your interest in the community engagement for Cheney Public Schools. We recently invited parents, staff and our community to engage in a virtual 3 step conversation about our schools and District through Thoughtexchange, and we are excited to share these results with you. Response from the community was affirming and is providing a wealth of input for our District. This engagement is invaluable to getting a sense of shared priorities across the community and we encourage you to dig into the results over the next few pages to see what our community is thinking and feeling. In the next few pages, you will see a sample of the top themes and thoughts from across all participants in the District. If you wish to dig in deeper, we encourage you to go to the District Results and view the District web report. You can also explore the results by school to see the thoughts that were most important to your individual school community. The time spent by our community to engage in this process is deeply appreciated.